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    Which Arabidopsis chromosome contains the gene you are most interested in? - 53 Votes

    What's your opinion of E-biomed, proposed by NIH head H. Varmus, which would provide complete free Internet access to the primary research literature in the biological sciences, including plant biology? - 20 Votes

    Genetically Modified Foods: Do You Feel Well Informed About Their Safety? - 44 Votes

    How available are qualified undergraduate applicants at your institution? - 6 Votes

    My rating of the 12th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research - 11 Votes

    If you were to rename the American Society of Plant Physiologists, what would it be called? (Summary Poll) - 7 Votes

    The Royal Society and other science academies recently urged private corporations and private research institutions to share their patented knowledge of transgenic technology to help alleviate the problem of growing world hunger. Do you agree? - 4 Votes

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