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The ArabiKeeper is our seed storage system designed specifically for Arabidopsis.  Each ArabiKeeper includes everything you need to label, organize and store up to 200 individual Arabidopsis seed samples in your refrigerator (2-10 C) or freezer (-20 C).  If you were ever dissatisfied with how you were storing your Arabidopsis seeds, now is time to try the ArabiKeeper.
  • Tough polycarbonate outer container
  • Integral lid gasket for waterproof seal impermeable to oxygen
  • Lid latches are a 'snap' to use
  • Inner glassine envelopes eliminate static attraction problems
  • Slick ziplock bags resist moisture and simplify labeling and sorting
  • Peel-off labels for sample ID included
  • Indexed listing of frozen contents viewable without opening container
  • Stackable design has small footprint (13 x 9 x 7.5 cm) which saves freezer shelf space
  • Designed, fabricated and distributed exclusively by LEHLE SEEDS
  • Includes 24 page instruction manual with our tips on post-harvest drying and afterripening
Image of Cat. No. AK-01 ArabiKeeper
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the ArabiKeeper AK-01 model is now retired due to a non-negotiable manufacturing change in the plastic composition of the original box.  The replacement  ArabiKeeper II, cat. no. AK-02, which will have the same utility, is expected to be available during in 2016.
Cat. No. Description Price *
1-4 5 +
AK-01 ArabiKeeper  --- ---
* F.O.B. Round Rock TX USA

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