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Cannot Save Form Information

Question: I want to submit my order with the editable pdf order form but when I start to enter my data, the message box pictured below pops-up. What does this mean? I want to attach my completed pdf order form to an email to send to I can print the completed form but how do I save my completed form as a pdf file?

Answer: You have several options. All require you "print" the completed form. To understand your options, letís briefly review the number and type of "printers" that can be connected to your computer. Then letís discuss the concept of converter utilities that "look" like printers but do something really amazing.

Traditionally, after clicking the print button in any application (Word, Excel, NotePad, etc) a "Print" window pops up and provides you the opportunity to select which printer you want to print to. If you have a single printer, then that is the default printer. Since you can have more than one printer connected to your computer, that is why you are always given the opportunity to choose which printer to "print to" from all those listed in the "Print" window.

Now not all "printers" you can add to your system print their output onto paper. Some "printers" can be installed as virtual utility programs that can convert the standard printer output to a special file type, such a pdf file. They donít print to paper at all. Once installed, a PDF converter, for example, will allow you to convert any type of printable documents to PDF files. Now this is an amazing trick!

So the first and preferred option, is to install a PDF converter on your computer if one is not already installed. A highly rated freeware version of this type of PDF converter, which we recommend, is  Print your completed order form to your installed PDF converter and attach the created pdf file to your email.

Your second option is to simply print your completed order form onto a piece of paper. You then scan the paper copy to a pdf file. Most flatbed or multipurpose scanners provide the option to scan to a pdf file. Then attach this pdf file to your email.

If you donít have a scanner, then you always have the option of putting the printed paper copy of your form into an envelope and mailing it to us at LEHLE SEEDS, PO Box 2366, Round Rock TX 78680-2366 USA.

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