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Feature Title : Example Title: Breakthrough Arabidopsis Gene Isolated
Title Hyperlink :

Can you suggest a non-copyrighted image, photo, or graphic available on the Internet
to accompany your title such as a picture of yourself, your institution, or something related
to your submitted content?

       NO, I have no image to suggest for this content .

Image Hyperlink : (or jpg)
Image Caption : Dr. John Doe
Image Mouse Over Text : Whatever text you put here will appear in a pop-up box when you move the mouse over the image.

Otherwise, image will be emailed to as an zipped gif or jpg file
attachment .

Feature Text :

Use this area to enter the text of your submitted feature content.   Kindly indicate any special formatting such as hyperlinks, bold, or italics as follows.  To indicate a hyperlink, enclose the text to be hyperlinked with [URL = http:\\\my-stuff.html] my  hyperlink [\URL] tags.  To indicate text that should be formatted in bold, enclose the text to be bolded with [B]my bolded text[\B] tags.  To indicate text that should be set in italics, enclose the text to be italicized with [I] my italic text[\I]  tags.  If you need some other type of formatting, feel free to create your own tags.  If we cannot figure out what you want, we will request an explanation.

Closing Hyperlink :  Use for the "here" in our standard closing phrase, "Click here for details."

Additional Comments or Clarifications

Use this space to make any additional comments you think necessary concerning your submission.  You can also use this space to list  items such as additional images you would like used, but which could not be accommodated by the form above. Don't worry too much about the format.  If we have questions, we will contact you.

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