High-throughput demonstration production of fast neutron-irradiated Columbia Arabidopsis in minimal space. Photo was taken on July 16, 2000, 17 days after planting.

Views of upper shelf of a double-decker ArabiSun lighting system at LEHLE SEEDS Round
Rock Texas production growth room RR3 at 24 C.  The shelf shown contains a 4 x 5 array of
9-pot ArabiPatch growing systems.  Shelf contains a total of 180 pots each containing 4 plants
for a total of 720 plants.  As the lower shelf contains an additional 20 ArabiPatch containers
configured similarly, the ArabiSun double-decker, which takes up less than 2.7 square feet of
floor space, is shown here growing a total of 1,440 Arabidopsis plants (360 pools of 4).

Note that each tube stake is fitted with an ArabiTrap seed trap about 4 cm from the base of the
tube stake.  A thin film with a hole to allow inflorescence penetration is held in place by the
orange ArabiTrap ring.  The ArabiTrap seed trap helps prevent shattered seed from falling
to the medium surface.  Our research with the ArabiTrap suggests that its use is not needed with non-shattering ecotypes such as Ws and Col-0 Arabidopsis.  It would have more utility with ecotypes which shatter their seeds, e.g. Landsberg erecta.

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